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  • PiViT Ladder Tool - PVT7995

    PiViT PiViT Ladder Tool - PVT7995

    A lightweight, easy-to-use ladder leveler that sets up in seconds and has no moving parts. Use it as a ladder platform for stairs, sloped earth, asphalt shingle roofs* up to 7/12 pitch** – just about any uneven surface.  The unique 5-in-1 multipurpose design allows this product to function as a ladder stabilizer, ladder jack, ladder shelf, ladder stand-off, and tool carrier, cost-effectively replacing a handful of single-use competitor ladder accessories. Hundreds of rubber grippers keep it from slipping, and the non-skid surface on top of tough polypropylene improves ladder safety and stability.  The PiViT LadderTool supports up to 500 lbs. (227 kilos), exceeding the ladder’s 300lb, 1A duty rating. Not for use on Metal or Tile roofs For pitches 7/12 or greater, pair with our Roof Boot


  • PiViT Ladder Roof Boot Pair - RB4250

    PiViT PiViT Ladder Roof Boot Pair - RB4250

    The Roof Boot makes steep roofs safer for you and your employees.  The Roof Boot's main function is to secure a PiViT Ladder Tool on a 7/12 pitch (or greater) asphalt shingled roof.  Sometimes it's difficult to secure a toe-board or a ladder when you are working on a roof, that is not the case with the Roof Boot.  The Roof Boot is easily secured by lifting up a shingle and nailing the Roof Boot as instructed.  Check out our images of the Roof Boot in action. Easy to handle Secures on up to a 20 pitch roof Designed for tool tether Not for use on Metal or Tile roofs Package contains 2 units


  • PiViT Ladder Platform - PPL102

    PiViT PiViT Ladder Platform - PPL102

    The PiViT Platform installs on the top of your PiViT LadderTool to create a stable platform on your ladder. It has clever cutouts for storing tools, can hold a paint can (up to 5 gallons), creates a platform to stand on, and can accommodate a 12" walk-board.  It is capable of supporting up to 500 lb. (227 kilos) loads. Snaps securely onto the PiViT LadderTool in seconds Provides a secure platform to stand on Can be used with 12" aluminum walk-board Holds a variety of tools Holds a 1-5 gallon can of paint


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