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  • Meoded Cassiopea

    Meoded Meoded Cassiopea

    Cassiopeia is clear crushed glass flakes sprayed over a heavy-bodied acrylic base. The Cassiopeia system is composed of Cassio-Base which serves as the bonding agent, and a mixture of clear crushed glass flakes and colored glitters which are sprayed over it. Cassiopeia finish is available in any color and offers an innovative effect which creates an illusion of space, light and colors. This is the second step in the 2 part system. Warning: Use eye protection and breathing apparatus when spraying the Cassiopeia. Keep away from children. Material can be harmful if swallowed. If product causes any type of reaction see a physician immediately. Application: Apply one coat of Cassiopeia Base with a delicate roller and wait until fully cured. Apply a second coat of Cassiopeia Base with a thicker roller. The thickness of that should be 1 kg/m2. When the substance is still wet, spray the Cassiopeia glass flakes and glitter on the wall using a hopper gun until a complete and uniform appearance is obtained (300-400 gr. of flakes / m2). After the wall is dry, go over it with a brush and remove all sharp and flaking pieces. The ratio of Cassiopeia Base and Glass Flakes is 1 to 1.


  • Meoded Crystal Brush - Glitter

    Meoded Meoded Crystal Brush - Glitter

    Crystal Brush is a "glitter paint" that provides a contemporary aesthetic, adding a glistening/sparkle effect using fine glitters. It produces a durable, lightly textured decorative finish ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers, theaters, commercial, and retail spaces. The effect is both subtle and bold depending on lighting and the angle from which the surface is viewed. Color matching to most any color available by request through the online order process.  Lightly textured, decorative glitter finish Low VOC Water based Coverage: Approximately 140 sf/gal and 35 ft/qt Minimum 2 coats recommended


  • Meoded Pearlas Velvet

    Meoded Meoded Pearlas Velvet

    Pearlas Velvet is a Low VOC decorative metallic faux finishing product that produces a look of soft suede metallic Venetian Plaster. Velvet is the ideal wall treatment for formal living and dining rooms, upscale boutiques, posh hotel lobbies, and other spaces where refined style and beauty is desired. With fine metallic powders, its tremendous depth of color allows Velvet to exhibit two or more colors when reflected in various lights. Suede Finish Satin Sheen Low VOC Water based Coverage: 240 SF/Gal and 60 ft/qt Minimum 2 coats recommended Application: Primer should be used before first coat of Pearlas; new drywall should receive PVA type & oil-based primer over previous oil-type paints or stains Apply first coat with trowel and allow to dry at least one (1) hour before applying second coat. Apply material in small amounts with the trowel with varied movements, and then use a clean trowel to achieve desired movement throughout finish.


  • Meoded Sahara Beads

    Meoded Meoded Sahara Beads

    Meoded’s Sapphire Metallic is combined with clear glass beads to create a beautiful textured Sahara Effect. The Sahara Effect creates a pearlescent rough yet elegant texture on your wall.  Best applied using a chip or spalter brush - can be applied in horizontal, vertical, crisscross (2 coats) or irregular fashion. 


  • Meoded Sapphire Metallic

    Meoded Meoded Sapphire Metallic

    Meoded Sapphire Metallic is a pearlescent paint made with fine mica powders that gives walls, metal, trim, furniture or any other paintable surface a rich, beautiful pearl luster and opulent look of shimmering satin with less environmental impact. Satin Finish Low VOC Water based Coverage: 300 SF/Gal and 75 ft/qt Minimum 2 coats recommended


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